Monday, March 1, 2010

End of Trimester

Friday was the end of our 2nd trimester here at our school. At the end of each trimester, the K-2 counselor and I compile all of the discipline data collected by the teachers and our administrators to help us make decisions about our guidance program. Today is the day that I am going to begin tackling this task and putting all of our data together!

In our data collection, we will be using both discipline referrals collected by the office - such as when a student receives disciplinary action from the principal - and also data collected from the teachers in the classroom from when the teacher gave the student a warning or discipline that did not warrant attention from the principal.

Once we have put all of our data together, we will segregate the data by the type of violation - physical, verbal, bullying, classroom disruption, or non-c
ompliance. After the data is segregated, I will meet with each of the grade level teams to discuss with them what the data shows us, and how we can address it as a grade level (increase supervision in hallways, address concerns in a guidance lesson, etc.)

The data we collect each trimester is also used for our closing the gap measure to provide additional support for students struggling with self control. I will be starting new guidance groups next week that focus on friendship and social skills, anger management, and self control. The data we collect each trimester helps me decide which students will go into some of these groups!

Below is a picture of the Purple Hands Honor Roll outside the office at the K-3 school!

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