Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Paws in Jobland

For our last career awareness activity in guidance, my 3rd graders are completing a career interest inventory through the program Paws in Jobland. Paws in Jobland is a free online website created by Bridges Transitions Inc. The career inventory on the website asks students a series of questions about things that they like to do, things that they are good at, or things they are interested in, and then presents the students with a list of jobs that they may enjoy. Students can explore jobs that they may be interested in on the website by clicking on different buildings in "Jobland".

The program is easy for students to use, and it reads the questions out loud for students who are not strong readers. I am using it with my 3rd grade class, but it could be used for younger students too. There are lesson plans to compliment the Paws in Jobland website for grades K-2 and 3-5 that are available from the Bridges Transitions website, and there are more resources available to supplement with this curriculum available on the College Foundation of North Carolina website.


  1. This is a great resource. Thank you for sharing!

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