Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Don't Be an Angry Bird!!

This year at our school we are officially starting PBIS at our school. Tomorrow is our first day of school, and all of our teachers are going to begin the year by teaching their students our school wide expectations. Today I made a bulletin board to highlight those expectations. I got the idea off of someone's board on pinterest.

Don't Be an Angry Bird . . . Be a Cool Cat!!

Just about every kid at our school loves Angry Birds . . . so I am hoping that it will be a hit!! Our school mascot is the Wildcats, so we came up with PBIS school wide expectations that spell out the word CATS. I am not competely done with the bulletin board - I think I am going to add a slingshot for the red bird, and a platform for the pig!

Here is a closer look at our PBIS school wide expectations - Care About Others, Act Responsibly, Try Your Best, Stay Positive. Tomorrow we will have a welcome back assembly and introduce these expectations again! We will also say the Purple Hands Pledge, which is "I will not use my hands or my words for hurting myself or others.

Go Cats!!

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  1. Don't become an angry bird instead of become a cool cat. I really like this message.. College Admissions