Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hallway Expectation Follow Up

Our Hallway Expectation assemblies yesterday to kick-off the new year with good hallway behavior were a success! The students were so well behaved in our hallways today. Some of the students have needed to be re-taught the skill already, but the staff members have been vigilant about re-teaching the skill. Way to go!

Today I made a movie with our flip camera showing some of our 3rd grade students exhibiting the Pillar Pride hallway behavior. If you have not used a flip camera in your guidance program yet - you should! They are so simple to use, and the students love seeing themselves on t.v. as "moviestars"!

In our video, the 3rd grade students are describing how they show each of the Character Counts! pillars as they walk through the hallway. They then demonstrate walking through the hallway using the Pillar Pride expectations. They did great! I sent the video to all of our teachers so they can show it on their smartboards tomorrow morning and review. I am also uploading it to my counseling website and sending the link in an email to parents so they can see the hard work we are doing, and reinforce at home too!

Do any of you use a flip camera in your guidance programs? How do you use it? I would love to get some new ideas!

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  1. I like this post and especially your counseling website... I strongly recommended to students and also the school counselors to check that.